Using the Southwestern online workbook has been a big time saver for me in grading work. Students do get immediate feedback on their assignments when the time passes for the submitted assignment. It has however caused me to teach differently (which is not necessarily bad). Here is a video recording of how I use Aplia to teach students how to use a Sales Journal using the Work Together assignments of a chapter 10. When I teach the work together section in class I do record my screen and then create a video of that lecture and post it on teacher tube. That way if a student is absent, they can watch the video and see how to complete the work. Tonya Skinner

Interactive checking activity - (Elk Mound High School)

I print off little checks - (I often find checks on-line (the students like the ones that have pictures on them)
I then have them open a business (they bring in Oreo cookies, candy, etc) (they must create a table tent - and explain the history behind their item that they are selling)
Their sign must also indicate their asking price (indicating how much they cost 4 cookies for $2.00)
Each student gets 5 checks - and have a balance of $20.00
Then I secretly tell the students that they need to post date a check, write the wrong amount in both or in one column, etc (This is to make sure that those who are receiving the checks are actually checking what their customers are writing)
Then when their checks are gone - they must endorse the checks on the back –
Then they must reconcile their checks (they must deposit their checks that they received into the bank) and make sure that they equal. (the only way it won't add up is if they didn't catch an error from one of their customers or if a check is lost)
This little project allows the students to write checks, endorse them, and then list them on a bank deposit slip - I then return some of their checks - while some are kept for outstanding checks
Students tend to get involved with it.

Interactive payroll activity (Elk Mound High School)

We do this activity as we learn about the payroll unit. Each student selects a dollar amount that has been typed out on a tiny slips of paper - their wages range from $6.50 up to $30.00 an hour. Once they find out how much they will be making as they come to class - they select another piece of paper - indicating if they are married, single or if they have kids. If they are married they must select a "husband or wife" from some pictures that I have found off of the Internet (they are all famous) if their piece of paper indicates that they have kids then they must select their kids from another cup - they are either pictures of 1 kid up to - 5 kids (this will determine their deductions) They must name all of thier children as well.

Then each day they come to class they must clock in - if they go to the bathroom then they must sign out and clock back in - In order for the students to earn OVERTIME - they must answer questions to the quiz of the day - and for each correct answer they earn one hour of over time pay. At the end of the week - they must determine how much money they would make - I then hand out the current Federal Income Tax forms from the IRS - to determine how much money would be with held - plus they do the calculations for the FICA tax. Then they must record their earnings into their Payroll register - they must record their earnings - plus one other classmates -

They then must write a check out to thier "other" classmate. Then when it is payday - they get to hand me their first check - and purchase their first BIG ticket item - Our district has been very kind - they allow me to spend $1.00 per kid at our local dollar store - so I go and purchase toy cars, fake diamond jewlery, etc - and I place each item into a brown sac lunch bag so no one can see their item that they will be buying and then as they hand me their first check - I hand them a bag - and they must open it in front of the rest of the kids - and they tend to get a good laugh - I then usually take a group picture of all of the students holding their silly item from the dollar store and place it in the school's newspaper -
Here are pictures of their future husbands or wives along with pictures of their future children - along with the wage amounts and if they are married or single.
Here is their time card - I made it look like the one from their text book.