- I don’t have a “contract” that I have kids sign, but I do have a verbal agreement with certain students and then send the attached letter home to their parents. I do this at the first sign that a student’s behavior is going to affect their achievement or the achievement of others. It has worked very well. ~ T.J. Walker Middle School

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Tardy Students

At GHS, 1st hour tardies are all handled by the main office. Students are basically given 3 "freebies"; they are required to serve a 45-minute detention in the office (before or after school) on the 4th and 5th occurrences. A 6th occurrence results in a 1/2 day in-school suspension. 7th and 8th occurrences result in 45-minute detentions again; a 9th occurrence is a full-day in-school suspension. There are additional consequences beyond 9, but that is quite rare.

Tardies for all hours other than 1st are initially handled by teachers--usually 3 tardies results in a 15-minute detention. Additional detentions can be directed to the main office after teachers consult with a parent/guardian of the student. ~ Germantown High School

Fond du Lac High School did a tardy sweep shutting the doors during random periods and moving the tardy students to a room where their parents were called. This will continue throughout the year. We also have a tardy policy that requires parent contact after three, VP referral, and so on.

At our school every three tardy's result in a detention. After three detentions students get an in-school suspension. Having this policy helps reduce the number of students that come to class tardy. ~ South Shore High School

Our school policy is that any student that is tardy 3 times gets 2 points from the office, when they have 10 points they have an in school suspension. Teachers may opt to have the student come in after school to sit time with them. ~ Horicon