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I found a good game that the kids love--but it takes time since you have to rotate groups in order for everyone to get to know one another. The game is called "Whoonu" by the makers of Cranium. At the beginning of this year, I found them online for $10 a piece (Target or Amazon, I think). I bought 6 of them so I could break the class into 6 groups. It's kind of like the "Apples to Apples" concept, but it's more of a get to know you game. I'm sure there's directions online somewhere. There were a few cards I weeded out for the 7th graders. I also join the groups and rotate so I can get to know more about them. :)

~ Park View Middle School

I have kids create 3 statements about themselves 2 of the statements must be false but are realistic (even tho they are false - the student can still share something about themselves with the statement) 1 is true

for example:
My dog's name is Bill Gates
I met my husband while in a chat room
My great grandmother lived to be 103

Which one is true?
False: I do have a dog - he is a wiener dog but his name is Tee-bone (I show a picture of him in a hot dog costume)
False: I am married but we met at a grocery store - and he was in the same class as my sister
Correct: My great grandma did live to be 103 her name was Adella - she just past away about 10 years ago. Willard Scott sent me an autograph picture when I tried to have him mention her name on his birthday list.

We try to share one a day ~ Elk Mound High School

I do a Human Bingo. Depending on how many students you have in your class you can set up a Bingo card with either the amoount of squares and a free space or no free spaces at all. In the squares put in things that would be common to one or two students in your class and make the students get signatures of those students that fit that criteria.
For example: wears braces, recieved their license , speaks a second language, has no siblings, went to _school, plays a musical instrument, was in the musical, plays a winter sport.
The students that have the most or all the squares signed gets a prize. I usually go to the dollar store and pick up some cute pens, calculators, folders, pencils, post-its, something they can use that semester. We are not allowed to give away candy.
Students are all required to get out of their seats and need to get to know people in class.
Another cool icebreaker is where the students on their own need to put themselves in order by first or last name, or even by birthdate.

~ Oshkosh North High School