- Students should be asked to volunteer to read the twister three times then the class will type the twister two times.

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Games Keyboarding Teachers Play - ISBN 0-9721331-0-0
More Games Keyboarding Teachers Play - ISBN 0-9721331-9-4


Typing Champion: Can be played with or without a computer.

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  • Ainsworth Keyboard and Keypad Trainers - Ainsworth & Partners, Inc.
  • Bernie's Typing Travels - South-Western
  • MicroType - South-Western
  • Type to Learn - Smart Kids Software
  • WebKey Express - McGraw-Hill/Glencoe

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Typing Courses - Typing Course REQUIRES registration for typing course - A fun colorful website with animation and games introducing touch typing to children aged 7 to 11. - Typing Tutorial - Free online typing course. - Typing Lessons which uses a kid to talk to the user. - Games, Typing Lessons and Timed Tests - Multiple Typing courses listed on site. - online typing training Free online typing course. - tutorial - Typing program teaches how to type faster and more accurately. - online typing lessons. - Typing tutor that needs to be downloaded. Has games, and test online. - typing tutorials - Free online typing course. - Free online typing course. - Free online typing course. - online typing lessons. - Free typing course, games and ability to print certificates. - Free online typing course.

Typing Tests - Free Timed Typing Test Very Simple Ten Key test with the option of printing a certificate. Typing test with the option of printing a certificate. - Timed test - Free Timed Typing Test Can Pick Amount of Minutes - Typing Test Different Levels

Games - game requires you to put the keys back on the keyboard. - Airplane Typing Game - Kindergarten keyboarding shows a picture and a letter for the student to press - type letters as they appear and rise to the top of the screen. - Game has words coming across screen more for advanced typers. - 10 original typing games and WPM typing tests - A number of different typing games. - Great game only problem shows blood as monsters attack you. - Type the letters on the back of lizards as they come toward, gets more difficult as the levels go up. - Save the letters by typing them and giving them parachutes. - Tutorials, Keypad, Games, Test;_ylt=AjOhZzHeYxR8wYg__rxrAsmQ3X0u - Typer Shark - Multiple games listed on site. - Finger Jig a number of different typing games Spelling Typing Games - word is given for you to type press the space bar for the next word. - Site contains a number of typing programs that can be downloaded - Games and Course Lessons - Fowl Words - Fowl Words2 - Prevent the rising column of words from reaching the top - Three different games involving different level of difficulty. - Cup Stacking Game - Type with Ghosts - Type letters inside of rising bubbles. - site that has a number of games on it. - game of boggle